A pre-war villa that smells of wood, the atmosphere of a mountain hut and a huge, green area - all this in the heart of Wisła. This is Jodła. A wooden villa in the city centre is a unique combination of hotel comfort (double rooms with ensuite bathrooms) and the atmosphere of a mountain hut. You can spend the day on the trail or strolling by the river and in the evening feel free to sit in our atmospheric common dining room playing board games or relaxing with a book. You may also wish to spend time outdoors, roasting sausages over the open campfire, or just staring at its soothing flames. Jodła is a place with a long history and a wooden soul. It’s where peace and quiet is to be found. At the same time, it is only 12 minutes away from Kopczyński Park, and a 20-minute walk from the main square. This spacious area and the surrounding of trees create a quiet and intimate atmosphere and a warm homely feel.


This is the undeniable heart of our home. At the end of the corridor on the first floor, there is a spacious, 40m2 glazed veranda overlooking the mountains, the forest and ski lifts – the three corners of the world. Entirely wooden, it remembers almost 100 years of history of the house and its guests. Here’s where you’ll have nutritious breakfast (as well as other meals on your own), here throughout the day (please observe the quiet hours) you will have a free cup of good coffee or tea, sit on a couple of 2-seater sofas, an armchair and numerous floor cushions. The charming, antique feel of this place and the way it’s bathed in sunshine foster mental work or reading books. Here you can watch a football game or ski jumping on the projector. For the little ones we have prepared a large basket of Lego bricks, age-appropriate games and books. On rainy days, we will screen family movies and provide popcorn – it’s be our very own little cinema. There are 8 tables in the dining room, which host 32 people at a time. Perfect also for a small business training or a family celebration.


The walls of our guesthouse are decorated with original postcards from Wisła dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, old photos of Jodła and Wisła and a large map of Europe - encouraging further travels. If you find your own bathroom occupied for too long there’s an additional one here with a toilet and a shower on the way to the second floor, right off the landing. The corridor of the second floor leads to the shared terrace, and further up the stairs - to the attic, which is not available to our guests (for the curious: there are 3 more rooms there) as well as access to the roof for the chimney sweep.


Jodła features a large 62-are area, mostly fenced, accessible via a gate (usually left open overnight). There is a free car park for about 10 cars right next to the building (1 car per room), a small place for a campfire (in the summer it is quite tucked away thanks to a young birch forest - great if in need of some privacy!) and nibble on wild blueberries. Right behind the parking lot we have a 20-are forest (part of a bigger complex) where you may spot roe deer, wild boars and other wildlife. Below the building there is a 24-are fenced area with a covered barbecue gazebo (5 tables, benches and a firepit) where we light a fire for you every weekend. Feel free to roast sausages or simply sit comfortably drawn by the fire. A spacious lawn surrounding the area will be perfect for playing games with children and a 3.5-metre trampoline as well as a small playground are good spots to vent their energy. With no other buildings above Jodła apart from the cemetery chapel and very few below Jodła is the place where you can quite literally enjoy the peace and quiet. Stream Kopydło (the first left-bank tributary of the Vistula River - 150 meters from the building) flows 10 meters from the gate. You can soak your feet here, or sit under a small waterfall feeling like under massage jets. The Vistula River is 100 metres away - there is complete freedom of bathing and swimming (yes, you can swim at the thresholds – the closest one being 120 meters away), building stone dams or cooling your sun-touched bodies.